Life Counseling Center of Broward is a private practice of professional counselors and psychologists that work in a large variety of specialties, assuring our clients that we can provide the best care for individuals, couples and their families.

Our clinicians meet the specific needs of a multitude of different populations and ethnicities.  Our practice provides special services for children with learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD, severe child and adolescent concerns, addictions, and high conflict family issues. Clients visiting our office are delighted that we offer a rich selection of services in a quiet, discrete, home style setting. We take pride in our ability to provide expeditious and yet comprehensive collaborative health care. In addition, we have a variety of resources outside of our office because our clinicians maintain reliable contacts through community involvement with community agencies, hospitals and other organizations that widen our resource base to empower our patients.

In addition to counseling and assessment, we also provide co-parenting, reunification therapy, therapeutic supervised visitation, Parent Coordination through the courts, Expert Witness Services and Supervision for mental health counseling interns.
We are conveniently located on the south west corner of Sheridan Street and University Drive.