Co-parent counseling was developed in an effort to help divorcing parents learn how to “do divorce better” and “effectively parent.”   If most parents knew some simple principles and truths about how to make their children’s lives better, they would, in most cases, respect the value of learning to cooperate with each other. Co-parent counseling helps parents learn to communicate effectively in a business-like fashion, leave out the emotions involved, and solely focus on the child(ren). Unfortunately, parents “lose site” of what is important…their child(ren) and get “caught up” in what the other parent is saying or doing that may seem unfair (emotions).

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Court ordered co-parenting is not covered by insurance and the fee is split 50/50 by the parents when both parents attend a session unless otherwise stated in a court order. Any session requested by a single parent will be paid solely by that parent unless otherwise stated in a court order.

An invoice is available at the end of services by request to submit to your insurance company.