Reunification with your child(ren) most likely is an emotional time.

Reuniting with your child(ren) may take some time, and will involve steps to be fully reunited. The courts, a GAL, and other agencies may be involved in your case, and the ultimate goal is to reunite you and your child(ren) completely so that all agencies are removed and you can go on and live your life happily with your children as well as learn positive parenting and communication skills with the other parent.  By the time you reach reunification, you have hopefully received a specific order from your judge. Without a court order, none of us have a safe and proper guideline as to how we move forward.  My role is to make sure the child(ren) and parents are safe and ready to begin the process. We also supply a suggested supplemental order to fill in any gaps that may occur as reunification is somewhat new in the family court system and not all court orders are written and cover areas that reunification therapists are more familiar with. Of course all order suggestions are open to discussion until they are formally agreed by all parties.

Please click below to read the six steps/ recommendations of many court and child Welfare agencies. All cases are unique however and will be tailored to your needs. These are simply guidelines.

Reunification Process Guidelines

**Please note, this process above is the GENERIC rule, EVERY case/individual/family dynamic is different and will be treated as such.  Karen Wood, LMHC treats each case individually.  If you have questions about your specific process/case, please call or email us.

***Reunification Therapy is not billed through your insurance company.  A retainer is to be paid by cash, check and/or credit/debit at the time of Reunification Therapy Intake and at any time that the retainer falls below $300.00. Services do not begin until all paperwork is complete and financial details have been agreed to. You may submit your bill from Karen Wood, LMHC to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

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